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DevoNow Academy: A recap after four months

DevoNow Academy: A recap after four months

Our training program began with an exciting trip to Prague. There is the Center of Excellence of the Devoteam N Platform located, where the fundamental training for ServiceNow took place. A total of around 12 newcomers from different countries took part in the training. We were given a detailed schedule for these two weeks, mostly eight hours of training per day. Since the entire course was held in English, good language skills were essential.

In addition to the technical training, we had the opportunity to get to know our colleagues in the Czech Republic better. Eating lunch together and going to the pub after work were on the agenda and a welcome break from training. Various interesting topics of conversation arose, such as the different professional careers and stories that ultimately led us all to Devoteam. During these intensive two weeks we grew together on both a professional and a personal level.

After returning to Germany, the next step was a basic certificate – the CSA. In order to get a better understanding of the ServiceNow platform, our colleagues supported us with smaller tasks. This enabled us to implement the first use cases and gain hands-on experience. Praiseworthy was the willingness to help us at any time. After intensive exam preparation, we passed the exam successfully. The next training was not long in coming: The 3-day ITIL 4 Foundation Training. Unlike in Prague, this took place completely virtually. In a direct comparison, the personal component was missing, which made the learning phase seem a bit more monotonous. After successfully passing this certificate, another exciting and challenging chapter begins: Working on real customer projects.

We would particularly like to emphasize the personal support. For our development we are supported by an external company. We are coached in the areas of working life, personality and health. This covers, among other things, soft skills, conflict situations and customer relationships and also supports us in our careers. In addition, each of us has been assigned our own mentor. Our mentors are our contacts for all topics and are always at our side.

This strong personal mentoring has made our entry into Devoteam an exciting, challenging and ultimately very rewarding experience.

The DevoNow Academy is Devoteam N Platforms training and education program. With the right mix of theory and practice, the participants learn important basics and gain practical experience. We offer students exciting ServiceNow topics during their studies, which they can get to know and work on in the form of an internship and a subsequent bachelor thesis. After that the door is open to you as a junior consultant at Devoteam N Platform. Graduates can also benefit from the structured training and education program of the DevoNow Academy.