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Our May wave of talents is here

Our May wave of talents is here

We are ready to embrace summer with 15 new colleagues joining our teams across EMEA & Mexico. With a fresh wave of talents and diversity, we are looking forward to the upcoming months! 

A warm welcome to:

From the Czech Republic:

Michal Pustějovský

Daniel Vinklář

Tomáš Staroba

From Belgium:

Amine El Hattab 

Serdar Sen

From Denmark:

Jeppe Jørgensen

Peter Skovgaard

From France:

Francis Catherin 

Zahra Baidori

Kristell Lansonneur

From Italy:

Domenico La Grasta

From Luxembourg:

Maxime Meyers

From Mexico:

Diego Mondragon Castro

From the UK:

Daniel Barker 

Gourav Banerjee

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