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Beyond IT Headaches
Experience ServiceNow Managed Shared Services by Devoteam

ServiceNow Managed Shared Services are the ideal solution for businesses that need to focus on their core competencies and leave the technical details to the experts. We provide 24/7 support, proactive maintenance, and up-to-date security measures to ensure your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly.

Let’s get started
Beyond IT Headaches: Experience ServiceNow Managed Shared Services by Devoteam
Beyond IT Headaches: Experience ServiceNow Managed Shared Services by Devoteam

Let’s get started What’s the difference between
In-sourced and out-sourced
ServiceNow Managed Shared Services Support

In-sourced Support

  • Additional hiring costs and training costs and effort with internal IT teams
  • Skill level is limited based on the currently available personnel, limited access to expert level staff
  • Added risk with setting up 24/7 support (increased effort with hiring and costs related to overtime pay, etc.)
  • Poor scalability or poor adaptability to changing business needs (due to hiring and training, your response to changes could be slower)

Out-sourced Support

  • No additional effort/costs with hiring and training the support staff, the customer gets to enjoy the advantage of MS without the hassle of administration work
  • Access to expert level positions that may be utilised during emergencies with little-to-no delay
  • Ability to support 24/7, with dedicated staff
  • Good scalability and good response times to business changes (team can be scaled up/down based on the current business situation)

Core strengths of
ServiceNow Managed Shared Services

The service can grow with the customer

Devoteam promotes the continuous improvement of its staff. Thus, the provided service is not limited to the initial agreement and can grow in complexity, offering more innovation and a better experience.

Available to utilise experts when required

Devoteam is comprised of both Managed Services staff and consultants. For complex tasks or urgent cases, we are available to provide additional ad-hoc support.

On-call & 24/7 ready

Dedicated on-call staff is ready to be utilised 24/7 based on the customer’s request, no additional hassle with hiring or training is needed.

Predictable costs

Devoteam MSS prefers a Fixed Time/Fixed Price model, which is more predictable and better utilised with long-term budgeting in mind. Every change and/or ad-hoc requirement is discussed with the client individually.

Our offer What’s inside our
Managed Shared Services Product Packages?


  • Service Desk Management with ServiceNow
  • Incident Management, Request Fulfillment and Problem Management
  • Proactive and Reactive Monitoring of Services
  • Release, Change and Configuration Management
  • Performance and Availability Management
  • Operational support of implemented ServiceNow modules
  • Availability to support On-call and 24/7 requirements
  • Support with up to 2 upgrades and 2 health checks per year
  • ServiceNow enhancement development support


  • All features of Standard Offer
  • Service Management applications, including Service Catalog, Service Portfolio, Service Level Management, Demand Management, and Service Financial Management
  • Asset Management with the ServiceNow Asset Management application
  • Integration with third-party tools and applications
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Base Maintenance
  • ServiceNow Development (small enhancements)
  • On-site or Remote Support available


  • All features of Advanced Offer
  • Customised Business Services and Business Process Management
  • Automated Service Management workflows with ServiceNow Orchestration
  • ServiceNow Platform Administration and Upgrades
  • ServiceNow Virtual Agent and Machine Learning Integration
  • Advanced Security Monitoring and Incident Response Management
  • ServiceNow Governance and Compliance Management
  • ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • ServiceNow Integration with AI/ML technologies

We already helped many businesses transform their digital operations with ServiceNow. You can be next.

The Devoteam Managed Services team with their experience and knowledge of ServiceNow, help us to continue to develop our instance and meet our customers needs and requirements. Without their wide skill set and willingness to partner and work hand in hand in such a flexible way with us, we could not achieve the outcomes our customers request in such a timely manner.

Clive Bushell

Senior IT Manager, ParentPay

We already helped many businesses transform their digital operations with ServiceNow. You can be next.

I wanted to take a moment to express my utmost appreciation for the outstanding service and support you have provided to our organisation. From the very beginning, you have gone above and beyond to understand our unique needs and ensure that our IT infrastructure runs seamlessly. Your prompt response to our queries and expert guidance have been truly invaluable, enabling us to focus on our core business operations without worrying about IT issues.

Senior IT Operations Manager

Danish Clothing Company

We already helped many businesses transform their digital operations with ServiceNow. You can be next.

The professionalism, expertise, and commitment demonstrated by your team have not only saved us time and resources during onboarding, but have also significantly started to improve our overall productivity. Thank you for being a trusted partner in our success and I cannot wait what fruits our future collaboration will bear. We are excited to have you as our partner.

Senior Service Desk Manager

Major Baltic Retail Company

Navigating Devoteam's Managed Shared Services with ServiceNow

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Your award-winning partner

With more than 25 years of service management expertise, we’ll streamline your strategic evolution in innovative and exciting ways.

And you’ll always receive the best bespoke solutions from our team of hundreds of experts across 15 countries – we’ve supported thousands of clients across EMEA and beyond.

With a firm focus on customer-centric design, our management consultants always work in synergy with our delivery experts to drive holistic transformation – so every element of your enterprise is aimed towards excellence.

Your full ServiceNow platform coverage and expertise is backed by the collective brainpower of our International Centres of Excellence (ICE) in Toulouse and Prague – as well as our status as ServiceNow EMEA Elite Consulting and Implementation Partner of the Year 2024, EMEA Customer Workflow Partner of the Year, ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year 2023 and Global IT Workflow Partner of the Year 2021.

With an award-winning partner by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

ServiceNow 2023 EMEA Elite Partner of the Year badge Devoteam
Devoteam is a Global ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a EMEA ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Radek Bělina, Devoteam

Radek Bělina
Managed Services Director EMEA
Devoteam N Platform