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Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are founded on the philosophy that transformation transcends technology. It’s a growth mindset that rethinks operating models and reinvents relationships with partners and customers. You already have the fuel for transformation. We’ll help you find it.

ServiceNow Centers of Excellence
ServiceNow Centers of Excellence
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Move from project to program

Transformation is a journey rather than a destination.

Our CoEs in Prague, Czech Republic and Toulouse, France are unique resource and expertise hubs furthering productivity innovations and developing employee and customer experiences.

With expert skillsets covering disciplines like strategy, architecture, design, development, delivery and support, we can take you to the next dimension.

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Managing scale & optimizing strategic value

  • As your business matures and expands, your operational ecosystem can become complex. So only a coordinated and harmonized approach to resources, automation and governance can prevent blockages and sustain success.
  • By developing a customized CoE for your enterprise, we can unseal silos to help you scale in a healthy way and ensure you maximize the value of your ServiceNow implementation.

With tech innovations aligned with your strategic goals and value mined from every crevice and corner of your operations, your business will become much more than the sum of its parts.

Contact us. Ready to grow in exciting ways?