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QuickstaHRt from Devoteam,
powered by ServiceNow

Learn about our unique program that offers a strategic, swift 10-16 week rollout for ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery, replacing time-consuming, siloed HR processes with more agile, cross-functional digital workflows that increase efficiency, drive productivity, and reduce service delivery costs.

What’s holding back your HR teams?


Poor adoption
New tools or processes are often implemented to streamline tasks and make HR processes more efficient. However, if these tools are not adopted by the team, it can lead to inefficiencies, such as manual data entry or reliance on outdated methods, slowing down the entire workflow.

Low productivity
Unique configuration needs, varied geographical considerations, and lengthy deployment cycles can further slow time to value—preventing organisations from upgrading their HRSD systems for the better.

Disengaged workforce
If HR tools or processes are not user-friendly or intuitive, employees may become frustrated and resistant to using them. It can further impede adoption and hinder the HR team’s ability to gather necessary information or facilitate important processes.

Do you see your organisation struggling with the same issues?

See how can QuickstaHRt help

The real value Why QuickstaHRt from ServiceNow and Devoteam?

Time savings

By listening to your company’s global needs and growth goals, we help you establish governance and prioritise what is most important, allowing you to develop a scalable roadmap for future enhancements.

Avoid tunnel vision

Instead of having to wait years for a new HRSD solution, we allow users to interact with a minimum viable product (MVP) early in the implementation process.

Transparency and enablement

We help your HR departments familiarise themselves with the power of the unified platform, envision future process automation, and develop a roadmap for long-lasting digitised HR services.

Create a unified work experience with QuickstaHRt

Transform your employee experiences with an agile, cross-functional solution.

Our programme ensures a structured approach to services and space utilisation, delivering tangible business outcomes and empowering facilities teams with autonomy in application use and administration.

By leveraging a unified HRSD platform and an agile methodology, you work towards a solution that eliminates departmental barriers, enhances efficiency, and boosts employee retention.

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Don’t take our word for it.

See how did others streamline their employee experience.


Copenhagen logo

The municipality of Copenhagen is home to more than half a million people. This local government had issues handling administrative processes and internal processes. The integration of ServiceNow has increased automation and work procedures, resulting in a better overview of cases and generally more effective operations.

Why choose us. Discover the power of a platform.

Workflow automation accelerates business efficiency and innovation. The expertise of a ServiceNow Elite Partner helps you scale your enterprise swiftly and sustainably. ServiceNow is a leading-edge platform provider that automates enterprise operations. With a suite of user-friendly applications built on the Now platform, you’ll achieve new levels of workflow automation and business process integration.

15 countries served
1000+ customers
800+ tech experts
240+ advisory consultants

Your award-winning partner

With more than 25 years of service management expertise, we’ll streamline your strategic evolution in innovative and exciting ways.

And you’ll always receive the best bespoke solutions from our team of hundreds of experts across 15 countries – we’ve supported thousands of clients across EMEA and beyond.

With a firm focus on customer-centric design, our management consultants always work in synergy with our delivery experts to drive holistic transformation – so every element of your enterprise is aimed towards excellence.

Your full ServiceNow platform coverage and expertise is backed by the collective brainpower of our International Centres of Excellence (ICE) in Toulouse and Prague – as well as our status as ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year 2023 and Global IT Workflow Partner of the Year 2021.

With an award-winning partner by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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Would you like to know more about our QuickStaHRt programme?

Get in touch! Our team led by Anne Granet is right here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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