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Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series

Welcome to Devoteam N Platform’s World Postcard Travelling Series! We’re taking you on a one-of-a-kind world tour of Europe, North America and the Middle East stopping off at Devoteam offices along the way.

Travelling Postcard Series
Travelling Postcard Series

Emilie Husted from Aarhus, Denmark

Welcome to the first stop on Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Podcast Series. The first stop is Aarhus in Denmark where we’ll be speaking to Senior Consultant – Emilie Husted. Emilie joined the company in 2019 and shares the story of how the universe intervened so she could land her “dream job” at Devoteam.

She also discusses the exciting projects she’s working on, the beautiful roof top terrace that the office boasts and how the Copenhagen Devoteam family may or may not feel about it. Oh and we hear about the “unofficial” Paddle Tennis Leagues going on in the office!

Each episode will also have a gift that each Devoteam colleague has specifically chosen for their colleague in the following episode – and what Emilie has picked for Dirk in the Middle East office is very Danish! Can you guess what is? Listen now to hear if you guessed correctly.

– Listen to Emilie’s story

Dirk Kruger from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The second stop on Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series is Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Senior Principal Dirk Kruger who joined the Devoteam family in February 2020 will be giving us the lowdown about the Middle East and Devoteam out in Riyadh. Dirk loves an adventure and had been loving life living in Australia for a few years before getting a call from Devoteam and deciding to start a new adventure in the Middle East.

Dirk shares stories about living, working and travelling all over Australia, the move to the Middle East, getting used to local customs, new foods and flavours and what you can get up to during Riyadh Season (spoiler alert: There’s a lot!)

We also discuss his journey working for Service Now as Devoteam isn’t the first company he’s worked for that uses the platform, and he shares a few funny stories of when he first came over and was finding his way around – literally in the dark sometimes!

Oh and his gift to Saki in the Belgian episode is a lovely representation of the Middle East – have a listen and see what you think.

– Listen to Dirk’s story

Saki Marcopoulos from Brussels, Belgium

Back to Europe on the third stop of Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series and today we’re in Brussels, Belgium.

In this episode we hear from Saki Marcopoulos – a ServiceNow Senior Consultant who joined the Devoteam family two years ago.

Saki shares his story with us which sees him living in quite a few different countries, working in completely different careers (jewellery designer being one of them!) along the way but always with IT featuring in there somewhere. It makes sense he ended up at Devoteam!

We talk about his exciting projects, his love for training and how all his previous work experience in very creative professions helps him in his role at Devoteam. Oh and he’s got all the tips for a great weekend in Brussels which you don’t want to miss!

– Listen to Saki’s story

Jan Braniš from Prague, The Czech Republic

A quick hop over to the Czech Republic for episode 4 of Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series.

Who best to talk all things Czech Republic and Devoteam other than Jan Braniš? Jan was born and raised in the Czech Republic, is a Lead Consultant with Devoteam and has been part of the family for 6 years.

We discuss his working life as a recent first-time dad, living and working right in the heart of the capital Prague, and his current project where he’s running a training programme for newcomers to the Devoteam N Platform family.

Jan loves rap music, sci-fi and considers himself a bit of a survivalist having done a couple survivalist camps himself as well as watching all the shows! His answer to “what 3 items would you take on a desert island” are definitely well thought out!

Jan shares stories about his colleagues, their amazing office and the Devoteam Mentoring Programme. Jan’s been both a mentee and a mentor so shares his experiences of both sides.

Listen to the episode to also find out what he thinks of his gift from Saki in the Belgian team!

– Listen to Jan’s story
Successful ServiceNow go-live at Votorantim Cimentos EAA (Spain)

Mario Sanz Campos from Madrid, Spain

Hola! We’re over in Madrid, Spain for episode 5 of Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series.

Mario Sanz Campos has been with the Spanish Devoteam family for nearly 4 years and works as a ServiceNow Consultant.

Mario shares what it was like working with Devoteam during the pandemic – the pros and cons of working from home and how he enjoys his new hybrid way of working where he gets the best of both worlds.

He discusses the projects he’s working on, talks about his colleagues, shares stories of when they meet up to collaborate and also when they socialize. The Spanish Devoteam N Platformers work hard and play hard too!

– Listen to Mario’s story

Quentin Bouchard from Paris, France

Bonjour! We’ve popped over to France for stop number 6 in Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series.

Functional Consultant Quentin Bouchard is taking us around Paris, the home of Devoteam’s HQ and gives us all the lowdown of what it’s like being part of the French Devoteam family, having been a member for the past 6 years.

Quentin practices a Vietnamese martial art called Qwan Ki Do 3x a week and sometimes travels around France doing charity events where he performs the art, teaches others and shares his passion. He also loves cooking and attends classes every week to learn Japanese.

Quentin shares past projects he’s proud of, his current projects and what it’s like working for Devoteam N Platform coming out of the pandemic.

Oh and he drops quite a few great restaurant recommendations – gotta love that local knowledge!

– Listen to Quentin’s story

Roberto Esquivel Muñoz from Mexico City

We’re nearly at the end of Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series, but not before heading to Mexico!

Roberto Esquivel Muñoz is a Technical ServiceNow Consultant with Devoteam N Platform and joined the family 3 years ago, and will be “taking us” around Mexico City and sharing his experience of being part of the Devoteam family.

Roberto loves swimming, exploring and trying new foods. He shares some delicious Mexican dishes and also some great places to eat if you’re ever in the area!

We find more about his morning routine, the types of projects he works on, what his colleagues are like and his favorite thing about working at Devoteam. Oh and the gift he’s picked for Rajesh in the next episode is a great one!

– Listen to Robert’s story

Rajesh Kohmu from Darmstadt, Germany

The Penultimate stop on our 9-country tour of the Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series takes us to Darmstadt, Germany.

In this episode we hear from Rajesh Kohmu – a Senior Consultant for Devoteam N Platform who has worked in Singapore, Malaysia and all over Germany too – Leverkusen, Kassel, Hannover and Frankfurt. He shares his experiences of living in Germany and shares the differences from his home country, India.

Rajesh talks to us about his great team, what he likes most about working for Devoteam N Platform and what he thinks are the best parts of the ServiceNow platform. The Darmstadt Devoteamers love to socialize too so we get to hear about their escapades, including a very funny “level 4” spicy story!

In his spare time Rajesh loves photography and videography time and has even managed to incorporate that in his role at Devoteam. Oh, and his gift to Simone in the next and final episode definitely represents his love of food…

– Listen to Rajesh’s story

Simone Willoughby from London, The United Kingdom

The last and final stop in our 9-country tour of the Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series is the United Kingdom!

In this episode we hear from Lead Consultant Simone Willoughby who has been with the company since November 2020.

Simone shares her journey to Devoteam N Platform which was actually during her maternity leave from another company, having been made redundant in the pandemic. We hear about the amazing support she received during that time and also since she’s joined the company – we definitely get Devoteam N Platform family vibes in this episode.

We also hear about her exciting current projects, her passion for on-boarding new staff and her favourite things about working at Devoteam including some of the more social side of Devoteam – champagne and bumper cars feature! You’ll have to listen to the episode for the full story.


– Listen to Simone’s story

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