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8 Key ITSM Updates in the ServiceNow Washington DC release

8 Key ITSM Updates in the ServiceNow Washington DC release

As the new release of ServiceNow takes us to the capital of the United States, Washington DC, and just like the flag that flies above, the recent changes to the IT Service Management module are definitely star-spangled.

ITSM Success Dashboard

ITSM Success Dashboard provides insights to the IT leadership teams and process owners to measure the performance and improvement as per Servicenow KPIs, through the following two tabs:

Performance Overview:

  • Self Solved Tickets
  • Call Deflections
  • Completion Percentage of Structured Tickets
  • Productivity Moments per User

Service Quality:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Meantime to Resolve
  • Percentage of Breached Service Level Agreements
  • Percentage of Tickets Solved by the First Assignee
  • Percentage of Reopened Tickets

With the recent addition of KPIs, the ITSM Success Dashboard enables you to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the day-to-day operations of your organisation. It also allows you to track the performance of Now Assist for IT Service Management within your organisation’s processes with dedicated KPIs.

ServiceNow Coaching

ServiceNow Coaching enables you to monitor the performance of your teams and coach your employees to improve their skill set. The application has been enhanced in the latest version of ServiceNow, offering 3 new features.

  1. Coach Dashboard, through which the coach can keep track of the performance of their trainees, and keep track of follow-up actions
  2. Trainee Dashboard, where trainees keep track of active training assessments, view their coaching history and survey results
  3. Enabling the integration of Nowlearning with the coaching application, which is where users would be able to get platform skills

Digital Portfolio Management 

Digital Portfolio Management allows you to manage and maintain all your solutions (e.g. Service, Service Offerings, Business Applications) from a single location, pulling data from across the platform so you see impacts in the context of solutions that you own or care about.

With the new Washington DC Release Digital Portfolio Management has added several new features, as the homepage has been redesigned to achieve faster loading times, added auto-generated solution cards that you can personalise and updated the available item types.

On-Call Scheduling

On-Call Scheduling helps you to verify that dedicated support team members are available to resolve issues as they occur. With the recent release of Washington DC, it is now possible to delegate on-call escalation notifications as configured in the escalation policy by assigning a delegate record to another user.

With ServiceNow playing a factor in the digital transformation in the Middle East, it has added the functionality to select a preferred first day of the week for a group to accommodate global users. Users can also enjoy the option to receive notifications about the upcoming on-call rotation by downloading or subscribing to a calendar with SSO authentication.

ITSM Mobile Agent

ITSM Mobile Agent delivers the base system mobile-first experiences designed for IT agents to triage, act on, and resolve incidents on the go.

In Washington DC, ServiceNow has added the Functionality to enable and configure the list of critical alerts that you want to receive when your mobile device is in Do Not Disturb mode.

Service Builder

Service Builder is an application that provides a guided experience workflow to create and maintain services and offerings.

In the recent Release, ServiceNow updated the UI to the Next Experience Theme and added the ability to cancel out of creating a service/service offering when using the approval workflow.

Service Operation Workspace

Service Operations Workspace is a configurable workspace that provides a unified experience for multiple IT Service Management and IT Operations Management capabilities, empowering you to configure your agent experience by using the interface of Service Operations Workspace for ITSM.

Various features have been added in the latest release. As of right now, the Service Operation Workspace admin may use the admin centre for access to ServiceNow Incident Management configurations, as well as enabling agents to effectively resolve a case or request through cross-departmental interactions rather than working in silos using Universal Request, while adding access route to teams and schedules by their respective icons on the navigation menu.

Walk-up experience 

Last but not least, the Walk-up Experience enables an organisation to set up a contact channel to facilitate in-person or remote support. The main purpose of the walk-up experience is to support and resolve the more common, everyday routine service desk functions.

The latest release of ServiceNow allows the usability of the instance options to reconfigure the order of the tabs, and it allows the option to book an appointment for a 15-minute time slot. With continued support for global markets, the Washington DC release allows for configuring the text direction from right to left for the Walk-up Experience Service portal with RTL support.


Washington DC has added several features and functionalities, accommodating the global market further, and adding more overview tools to give managers, coaches and others a full picture of team performance and ensure that quality is up to standards.

The ServiceNow journey of continuous improvement extends far beyond its current state. We eagerly await the unveiling of the next ServiceNow release, scheduled for Q4 of 2024. Dubbed Xanadu, promises to bring a wave of exciting new improvements. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or want to see a demo, do not hesitate to contact our team.