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AI at the forefront of the ServiceNow Washington DC release for Creator Workflows

When looking at the newest ServiceNow Washington DC release, one of the first major updates that stands out is a new comprehensive application designed to streamline process automation tasks – Workflow Studio. It serves as a one-stop-shop for accessing various automation tools, including playbooks, flows, subflows, actions, data streams, and decision tables. With Workflow Studio, users can visualise and manage the operational intricacies of their workflow applications – easily & from a unified interface.

Additionally, the application facilitates the configuration of integration connections and credentials, ensuring seamless workflow orchestration. Users can create, monitor, and manage process automation workflows efficiently within Workflow Studio, enabling them to oversee work details across their automation initiatives effortlessly.

Update Highlight: Flow Designer

The latest updates to Flow Designer offer enhanced functionality, using AI to empower users to create multi-step flow outlines from a description.  You can also train the large language model (LLM) to generate better flow structures, or use standard flow design patterns.

Flows can now be triggered based on Performance Analytics conditions, and changes made while editing can be easily undone. The flow diagramming view facilitates the addition of annotations and Try flow logic, empowering users to fine-tune workflows efficiently.

It can now also be accessed directly from Workflow Studio and automatically saves progress as you work. 

Important Change: Now Assist

Within Now Assists, you can now restrict skills based on user roles directly within the product to ensure that only the right people have access to its generative AI capabilities. The newest update also enables you to implement conditions linked to specific fields to determine when a Now Assist skill becomes available. Designated data stewards are also able to make decisions regarding data sharing and the utilisation of generative AI within your instance. 

Need a roadmap for your generative AI journey? Consult the checklist directly within Now Assist – a comprehensive guide for seamless navigation. Additionally, you are now able to use Large Language Model (LLM)-based Virtual Agent topics to check IT ticket statuses and pending approvals with ease.

Minor Changes

Delegated Development

With ServiceNow Washington DC, Delegated Development roles can be simplified with the use of the Delegated Admin capability. The need to add individual roles for users who have access to all Delegated Development capabilities is now also a thing of the past.

App Engine Studio

The new model in the Workspace Builder enables you to add missing roles for workspaces faster than ever before. You can save additional time by using a standardised builder theme for not just the Workspace Builder, but AES as well.

Robotic Process Automation Hub

Effortlessly trigger attended bot processes with Embedded Task Automation directly from ServiceNow forms, playbooks, and workspaces. Securely retrieve sensitive information from external vaults using the external credential vault feature in RPA Hub. Simplify process execution logging by storing logs in a readable format through flat files. 

Discover new actions and subflows in Flow Designer, such as Change Life Cycle Stage Status of a Bot Process Action, Stop Process Action, and Stop Process Subflow, for refined RPA integration. Enjoy enhanced connectivity with the Universal App Connector.

Table Builder

Last but not least, Washington DC has also enhanced the Table Builder. You are now able to access the Form Builder hassle-free right from the Additional Actions menu on any form across the Now Platform, from the Related Links section, or from the UI Builder. 

Within the App Engine Studio, users can view their preferred reference tables when creating a table from a spreadsheet. Finally, features such as schema and spreadsheet view, flows and PDF extractor, which were only available in Table Builder for App Engine, are now available.

Overall, the ServiceNow Washington DC release focuses on enhancing workflow efficiency, streamlining automation tasks, and providing users with more control over AI capabilities and development processes on the platform. If you want to know more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.