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Could Aguaro bring your IT footprint under control?

Could Aguaro bring your IT footprint under control?

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important key performance indicator, businesses are being asked to measure and report on the ecological impact of every aspect of their operations. While efforts to reduce emissions are succeeding across most industries, IT and technology emissions are increasing to around 8% of global greenhouse gas output by 2025.

And this is where Aguaro My IT Footprint comes into play.

What is Aguaro My IT Footprint?

My IT Footprint is marketed as an “application that allows an end-to-end management of the sustainable IT journey”. The idea is that by assessing their current hardware and software estate, businesses can accurately calculate every aspect of sustainability in their IT operations – and begin making effective plans to reduce their footprint.

Auguaro My IT Footprint is built on Now technology and is available in the ServiceNow store. Using ServiceNow’s built-in asset database, the system can quickly and accurately calculate various sustainability metrics, including Greenhouse Gas Emissions and E-waste creation. Aguaro is sold on an annual subscription basis with reductions available for longer term contracts.

How popular is Aguaro My IT Footprint?

Hard to say. Aguaro does not provide any usage data, and the ServiceNow store does not show any details of downloads and installs. Now, on version 1.2, My IT Footprint does refer to the Bordeaux regional government, Bordeaux Metropole, as a high-profile customer success story.

How does Aguaro My IT Footprint work?

As mentioned previously, My IT Footprint is a ServiceNow Certified App that uses the built-in asset database as its primary data source. My IT Footprint analyses each asset listed to provide a complete understanding of its lifetime carbon footprint and the potential impact of e-waste. The tool also considers the impact of external services, like public cloud and SaaS platforms, to ensure that organizations have a complete understanding of their sustainability position.

My IT Footprint reports can be broken down and analyzed by country, supplier, application, cost centre, user and more. Importantly, the benchmarks generated by the tool are intended to serve as a starting point for improvement, allowing companies to measure the progress and effectiveness of their sustainability programs.

What are the top 5 benefits of Aguaro My IT Footprint?

We briefly discussed the benefits of Aguaro at the beginning of this post, but now we’ll take a closer look at the top benefits in greater detail. The top five benefits of Aguaro are:

1. Speed 

My IT Footprint accelerates the process of sustainability reporting by using existing asset data. This means that users do not have to perform manual inventory and calculations to understand their current sustainability position. Built using Now technology, the tool is ‘lightning fast’ when generating reports and calculating benchmarks.

2. Accuracy

My IT Footprint calculations are as accurate as the ServiceNow asset database; if records about hardware and software assets are up-to-date, Aguaro ensures that the sustainability benchmarks are equally accurate.

3. Familiarity

A ServiceNow Certified App, My IT Footprint embeds natively into the ServiceNow environment. This provides a familiar user interface that is simple and intuitive, reducing the learning curve and allowing IT analysts to begin extracting sustainability insights more quickly.

4. Actionable and strategic 

My IT Footprint reports provide a benchmark against which businesses can plan their sustainability strategy. Each insight shows their current position and allows them to accurately model improvements – and to document progress towards target once reduction programs get underway. The CIO/CTO can also calculate the potential impact of any expansion or development, ensuring that sustainability KPIs are properly factored into future projects.

5. Best practice guidance

As well as benchmarks, Aguaro provides guidance and commentary to highlight potential action points and improvements. By applying this best practice advice, My IT Footprint users can accelerate their reduction strategies to improve sustainability performance faster.


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