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Harness the full value of your ServiceNow portal

Harness the full value of your ServiceNow portal

The ultimate use case for a service portal is for employees to perceive it as the most natural place to serve themselves or get help, enabling them to quickly and easily resolve their issues. However, as content and needs evolve, the portal can, in practice, become a cluttered mess that employees find difficult to use. How can you avoid this?

Become an expert in making the portal user-friendly

To get the most out of your organisation’s investment in the ServiceNow portal, you need a consistent focus on the user experience of your colleagues. You develop this focus by learning User Experience (UX) methods and guidelines so that you can easily recognise, develop, and maintain a good user experience. But, what UX actually means?

User Experience (UX) refers to the overall experience that a person has when interacting with a product, service or system. It encompasses the perceptions, feelings and reactions that users experience as a result of their use of a particular product or service.

Good UX design focuses on creating a positive and meaningful experience for users by considering their needs, the context of the interaction and the usability of the product, ultimately with the aim of increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

UX design involves various elements, including usability, accessibility and aesthetics to ensure a seamless and enjoyable interaction between user and product or service.

User Experience methods and guidelines include:

  • Involving colleagues in development projects
  • Learning about their work context or tasks and meeting needs
  • Identifying workflows in service delivery and content organisation
  • Creating transparency and trust in the process
  • Continuously evaluating portal usage

How we help you become an expert

At Devoteam, we offer a workshop format where you can learn to improve and maintain your ServiceNow portal so that employees continue to experience it as user-friendly, trustworthy, and the natural choice.

At the same time, you gain insight into how to maintain control as the portal continuously evolves with the organisation.

At the workshop, we do a short joint analysis of your current practice. You can also choose to take the full self-evaluation in advance and let Devoteam have access to your ServiceNow instance for a more thorough analysis of your current level of user-friendliness.

The workshop takes 5 hours including breaks and is facilitated by a UX specialist with several years of experience in ServiceNow.

What you can expect from the workshop

We will review central UX practices, UX methods and specific ServiceNow tools that can support your practice. We will also start on what your future practice might look like. More specifically, you will get:

  • A review of the analysis and the most important learnings
  • Knowledge of specific tools that you have access to in your ServiceNow instance
  • An introduction to useful UX principles and UX methods
  • Tools to evaluate your own practice and focus on future governance
  • Insight into ServiceNow’s own UX recommendations and best practices.

Who is the workshop relevant to?

This workshop is relevant for you and 2-4 of your colleagues who all have an active core function in the operation of your service portal. You are responsible for the user experience on your ServiceNow portal and for ensuring high user involvement. For example, you work with day-to-day operations and are responsible for organising and developing the portal’s content.

The course is also relevant for you, who have overall responsibility and focus on the long-term strategy and ambitions on behalf of the portal.