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Unleashing Digital Innovation: The Rising Wave of Low-Code Platforms

ServiceNow Low-Code

The low-code market has been rapidly growing in recent years, as companies look for ways to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and streamline their software development processes. Low-code platforms enable developers to create applications quickly and easily, using visual interfaces and pre-built components, rather than writing code from scratch.

There are reports claiming that 750 million cloud-native applications will be created by 2025. This number may sound a bit wild, but if we consider how they are going to be built, it suddenly starts to make sense–70% of these applications will be delivered with the help of low-code or no-code software. With drastically decreasing the time it takes to develop an application, the rate of digital innovation is growing exponentially.

Definitely, low-code can be fully realized when the scalability and governance issues are addressed–how to maintain this big number of individual low-code applications and how to manage the implementation pipeline. But, with the prerequisites mentioned above, low code platforms bring a topic of digitalization to the next level. With such pace of delivery of quality digital products there will soon be almost no place left for pro-code applications.

International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that 750 million cloud-native applications will be created globally by 2025, as businesses work toward building these sustainable digital value engines.

One of such low-code solutions–App Engine Studio, presented by ServiceNow–already answers the scalability & governance issue with their App Engine Management Center feature. It allows companies to have visibility over all types of applications running on their instances, manage application deployments, and even manage application requests from business users.

App Engine is great at creating process oriented applications for internal use. The amount of possible use cases that can be realized within a very short timespan is impressive – from site audits and cleaning controls to reservation management systems and business trip requests.

You can use your application from multiple interfaces–App Engine offers the functionality to create both mobile and desktop points of interaction with the solutions. It could be a mobile app if, for example, you’d like to take pictures and report them as evidence to your audit check. Or it may be a workspace to holistically manage your operations. Or a portal for your customers to order services and track their fulfillment.

Overall, the low-code market has a promising future, with the potential to revolutionize the way that companies approach software development. By democratizing the process and making it more accessible to non-technical users, low-code platforms can help companies to become more agile, innovative, and competitive in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

Aleksandr Kadesnikov, Devoteam

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