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6 Workflow Predictions for 2023

2023 is already here and you should know what to expect from your workflows. Stay ahead of the curve and trust the experts on what will be the main focus this year:

  1. Back to out of the box and Automation – Technology Workflows by Michael Olsen
  2. The ESM future is with AI & ML – Enterprise Service Management Workflows by Ahmad AlOmari
  3. Productivity is the new sexy – Customer Workflows by Petr Smejkal
  4. Forget the Big Quit, it’s all about internal mobility and managers’ support – Employee Workflows by Anne Granet
  5. Your future fit is Creative, Adaptive & Resilient – Creator Workflows by Jurgen Werkmann
  6. Efficiency through a risk-based approach GRC Workflows by Jan Rendl

To know more about what’s behind these words, watch the recording of our session held in January below.


Ahmad AlOmari, Devoteam
Ahmad AlOmari

Lead ESM Workflows

Devoteam Middle East


Anne Granet

Presales Manager - Employee & Customer Workflow

As a ServiceNow platform afficionada, I help companies to make their vision a reality with Customer Service Management, HR Service Delivery and Onboarding using ServiceNow platform.


Jan Rendl, Devoteam
Jan Rendl

Lead Cybersecurity Workflows

Devoteam ALPS


Jürgen Werkmann, Devoteam
Jürgen Werkmann

Expert Director

Devoteam Germany


Michael Olsen, Devoteam
Michael Olsen

Lead Technology Workflows

Devoteam Denmark


Petr Smejkal, Devoteam
Petr Smejkal

Lead Customer Workflows

A Lead Consultant with experience in platform development. He is accustomed to challenging projects in an international environment. His business background allows him to see the requirements in a broader perspective. This, in combination with his technical skills and passion for development, makes him strive for perfection.