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Blossoming together this spring

Blossoming together this spring!

Spring is the season of growth, renewal and new beginnings, and a perfect time to embark on a new adventure. As we welcome 15 new colleagues to our teams in the EMEA region, we are excited to see the fresh perspectives and ideas they will bring to our Devoteam N Platform table. 

A warm welcome to

From the Czech Republic:

Richard Bedlek

Michaela Ondrová

From Luxembourg:

Alassane Diaw

From Denmark:

Khader Al-Ayrot

Asger Åkerman

Sam Faghihi

From France:

Mathis Merolla

Pierre Clerc

Rachid Benfoughal

Tiphaine Roux

Enzo Agob

From Germany:

Lidia Schkurenko

From the UK:

Essa Moshiri

Ujjwal Kumar

Warren Gardner

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