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Devoteam expands their ServiceNow practice with 50 new tech experts in Q3

Devoteam is massively expanding their ServiceNow practice. In Q3 alone 50 new tech experts have been onboarded the team. 

I’m pleased to welcome all of our new tech experts to the team across all of our countries. We are growing at a rapid pace right now, so it is a great pleasure to onboard such a big group of new talents to the team.

Meet our newcomers


Shima Behbahani

Nivi Olesen

Nikolaj Thomsen

Andreas Visby

Mansur Dubaiev

Satpal Singh Ply

Mikael Fredsted


Rajesh Kohmu

Liang Sun

Christian Ruppel


Adrián Púček

Michal Zázrivec

Jyoti Choudhary

Michaela Losovská

Patrik Stenzel

Muhammad Aamir

Miroslav Novotný

Miloš Surovík

Adam Zrcek

Marian Riško


Dario Menor Sanchez

Mara Dolores Cruz Sandoval

Daniel Sanchez del Pino

Santiago Ruiz Guerrero

Antonio Gonzalez Malagón

Manuel Belmonte Castañeda.

Lucas Gomez

Kleiner Alexander Carrion Carrion

United Kingdom

Georgi Ankov

Emmanuel Ndohku

Abhijeet Avinash Yadav

Middle East

Mohammad Naser

Omar Harb


Mathias Smits 

Thomas Potier


Mouad Bentamouchi

Romy Dodon

Hana Guedidi

Dylan Lagache

Brendan Kermarrec

Philippe Mialet

Pascal Hazoume

Emmanuel Meneghetti

Youssef Chergui

Theana Korez

Romane Tamrabet

Iklef Mallem

Makine Bacari

Charlène Banh

Stanislas Weck

Why not join us?

We are currently looking for no less than 117 new tech talents for our ServiceNow business.

A warm welcome to all.