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Podcast: Public Sector Changemakers

Podcast - Public Sector Changemakers

Welcome to Public Sector Changemakers, the newest series brought to you by Devoteam N Platform.

In each episode, our host – Damien Davis, Senior Director Product Management at ServiceNow shines a spotlight on transformative projects within the public sector in EMEA. Partnered by a dedicated Devoteam consultant with one of our esteemed clients, we pull back the curtain to offer a deep-dive into the heart of each project.

Tackling real-time challenges, we unearth the nuances of public sector dynamics, share our pivotal learnings, and showcase the innovative solutions that arose from collaboration and expertise. Through candid conversations, listeners gain invaluable insights into the world of public sector consultancy, getting a genuine feel of the Devoteam experience.

For those contemplating a partnership with Devoteam N Platform, this podcast is your sneak peek into what it’s truly like to work with us. From the early stages of creativity to the final strides of execution, discover how we make transformation seem seamless.

Join us as we journey further into the world of digital transformation, where innovation is constantly redefining the boundaries of what is possible, and where the power of collaborative innovations and stories of today mould the public sector of tomorrow.

Who knows? Your next project’s story might be an episode away!

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Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of Public Sector Change Makers by taking a journey through the digital transformation of STIB, one of Belgium’s largest employers and the epicentre of Brussels public transportation. STIB presents a vivid illustration of distinctive public sector challenges and their path to circumventing these hurdles via the embrace of innovative solutions. 

Meet this episode’s Change Agents: Sophie Libouton, Team Manager at STIB in Governance and Methods, and Julien Sansotero, Head of Devoteam N Platform in BeLux.

With years of expertise under their belts, they emphasise the significance of project origin and the importance of continuously adapting strategies based on ongoing advancements. We look at STIB’s evolution with ServiceNow and Devoteam, pushing boundaries starting from the basics of IT service management to launching ground-breaking projects, accomplished against the backdrop of global challenges (this project commenced during COVID). We also look at the ongoing journey of their digital transformation, discussing what is needed to enable that constant evolution of improvement and innovation.

Host Damien Davis also asks questions about the role of Devoteam, what it’s been like to work with Julien and his team of subject matter experts at different stages of the project, the challenges that were faced along the way and the solutions and impact it all had on Sophie, her team and the project.

Lastly, we look ahead, with Sophie offering some brilliant advice to other organisations who might be at the start of their journey on similar projects. Julien also shares his learnings for fellow Devoteam Consultants working in similar fields but also shares some interesting insights from the perspective of the client, in order to always get the best possible outcomes achieved all-round regardless of projects.

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Episode #2

Welcome to another episode of Public Sector Change Makers by taking a journey through the digital transformation of The City of Copenhagen, one of Denmark’s largest employers. With 45,000+ employees, 3000 managers, 7 different administrations and each with its committees, Copenhagen is among the top 5 fastest growing big-city destinations in Europe and is a growth engine for Denmark. Their digital transformation project was therefore always going to be a big one and the key to the city’s digital revolution was understanding their unique challenges and finding solutions that best catered to their demands.

Meet this episode’s change agents:  Susanne Ninna Hansen, Head of Automation and Development for corporate services in the City of Copenhagen, and Casper Grewal, Sales Director at Devoteam N Platform in Denmark.

They provide invaluable insights into the transformational journey of the organisation, shedding light on the intricate aspects of digital shift within the public sector. Catch this episode and hear how the City of Copenhagen managed to save around 100 full-time employee salaries during this digital transformation, how Devoteam N Platform managed to keep the project on track despite their client realising midway through that they need to change how their organisation fundamentally works, also how to trim down between 6-700 different IT systems as well as updating an old, expensive and non-user friendly CRM system, plus many more challenges.

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