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Stay secure, stay healthy
with our security health checks

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever for organisations to ensure their systems’ resilience, have a risk-based approach and be able to manage issues together with business and IT quickly. So, how to do it right? Our Devoteam N Platform Medical Board will show you what are the common symptoms of an unhealthy system and how can ServiceNow help you cure it.

Let’s begin with a diagnosis
Stay secure, stay healthy with our security health check
Stay secure, stay healthy with our security health check

We highly recommend a health check if… … you recognize these symptoms in your organisation


Lack of context for risks, issues, incidents, vulnerabilities, and suppliers


Trying to fix everything at the same time, long MTTR


Missing collaboration between IT, Security and Risk teams

Lack of automation

Manual tasks, emails, lack of integration of key security, risk and IT applications


Insufficient and static reporting

Why should you consider leveraging the security & risk features of ServiceNow?

  • To have a risk-based approach: An organisation simply cannot “protect it all” and needs to prioritise where to invest the resources. ServiceNow can help you to make sure the assets and related risks are identified and prioritised to get the best value from the resources available.
  • To reduce your threat landscape: An overwhelming amount of vulnerabilities is identified daily and organisations struggle to fix everything at the same time. ServiceNow can help you to understand the real risks, prioritise response and reduce your MTTR.
  • To prevent costly breaches: Security breaches can be very costly, both in terms of financial damage and reputational harm. ServiceNow can help you to automate security incident response processes to reduce the impact of security incidents
  • To comply with regulatory requirements: Many organisations need to comply with regulations & frameworks and ServiceNow can help you to manage the compliance.
  • To manage supplier risk: The reliance on IT and other services provided by third parties. ServiceNow can help you to understand the level of compliance of your third parties and provides a common platform to exchange information and manage any non-compliance issues with your suppliers.

If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms, it means that together with ServiceNow we can help you. Join our upcoming “Health check” sessions to understand how your organisation can be more resilient and efficient.

Health check #1: Vulnerability Response process
Webinar | 19th April 2023, 14:00 CET

Health check #1: Vulnerability Response process

Get a step-by-step guide to getting your Vulnerability response processes back in shape using ServiceNow. Learn tips and best practices from the medical board based on some interesting case studies.

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Devoteam is a Global ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a EMEA ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a Regional ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2020

Do you feel like your organisation needs a proper health check of your security processes?

Do not worry! Our Devoteam N Platform Medical Board led by Jan Rendl is ready to help you. Don’t hesitate and contact our team to ensure your security system is seamless and secure.

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Jan Rendl, Devoteam

Jan Rendl

Lead Security Workflows @Devoteam