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The power of partnership: How Topdanmark improved risk management with ServiceNow IRM and Devoteam

The snapshot


ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) improves Topdanmark’s risk management, replacing manual processes for quicker responses and enhanced reporting.


Implementing ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management involves a ‘twelve-week fast track’ method, allowing Topdanmark to swiftly implement the system and gather user feedback for efficient risk management practices


Devoteam’s expertise and scalable solution play a crucial role in Topdanmark’s success, providing a strong foundation for integrated risk management.

The challenge

Topdanmark, Denmark’s third-largest non-life insurance company, faced inefficiencies in risk management, relying on manual methods like spreadsheets and emails.

To enhance transparency and efficiency, Topdanmark chose to implement ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management, aiming to streamline processes, improve reporting speed, and address regulatory challenges like the DORA regulation.

Partnering with Devoteam, selected for size and expertise, ensured a smooth transition, marking a crucial step toward a more automated risk management framework, enhancing responsiveness and adaptability.

The solution

Topdanmark’s risk management challenges were effectively addressed through collaboration with Devoteam.

The implementation of ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management provided a transformative solution, improving risk assessment, governance, and compliance by integrating functionalities within ServiceNow. The ‘twelve-week fast track’ approach ensured rapid deployment, establishing a strong foundation for ongoing improvement.

Motivated by the evolving regulatory landscape, such as DORA, Topdanmark’s choice to embrace digitisation lays the groundwork for sustained success, with Devoteam’s expertise playing a pivotal role in the project’s accomplishments.

Nicklas Jepsen, Devoteam

The reason why this project at Topdanmark has been such a huge success is that they’ve had a clear goal from the beginning. They’ve identified key stakeholders, and these stakeholders have had the power to make decisions. Lastly, they have been really good at listening to Devoteam’s expertise on how to implement Integrated Risk Management in ServiceNow

Bjørn Rasmussen, Devoteam

A key factor in having a successful implementation is choosing the right partner, and we now know that choosing Devoteam was the right choice for us.

The better change

The collaboration with Devoteam has streamlined Topdanmark’s processes with ServiceNow, enabling faster responses to risks for improved efficiency.

The implementation of ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management has optimised Topdanmark’s policy lifecycle, enhancing accessibility and governance tools for continuous compliance measurement.

Teaming up with Devoteam has helped Topdanmark quickly adapt to complex rules like DORA, ensuring proactive compliance through organised approaches.