AI-powered excellence: How to elevate Employee Growth with ServiceNow

Watch this insightful session featuring three industry experts, Anne Granet from Devoteam N Platform and Hitesh Tailor and Darrin Estey from ServiceNow, as they take you on a journey through the dynamic landscape of employee growth and development and the findings of a recently published eBook.

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, nurturing and empowering your workforce is not just a strategic imperative; it’s the key to staying competitive and resilient. Anne Granet, a seasoned professional with years of experience in organisational development, Hitesh Tailor, a leading ServiceNow HR Expert and Darrin Estey, a Senior Product Specialist in AI-powered solutions for HR and employee development, will share their expertise and insights to help you unlock the full potential of your team.

In this webinar, you can expect to:

  1. Explore the multifaceted nature of Employee Growth: the team will delve into the various dimensions of employee growth, from personalised development plans to leadership development, and how they contribute to organisational success.
  2. Harness the power of AI and Technology: Learn how cutting-edge solutions like ServiceNow’s AI-driven platform are revolutionising employee growth and development by surfacing new opportunities for employees to build the skills they need today while planning for the future.
  3. Gain practical strategies: Discover actionable strategies for creating a culture of continuous learning, adapting to remote work realities, and addressing common challenges in employee development initiatives.
  4. Get real-world insights: the team will share how organisations have successfully leveraged technology and expertise to drive exceptional outcomes in employee growth and development.
  5. Prepare for the future: Explore the latest trends in employee development, from AI-powered personalization to the integration of virtual reality and understand how these innovations are shaping the future of work.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a manager, or an organisational leader, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to foster a culture of growth and empowerment within your organisation.