Automate your cyber security with ServiceNow

Automate your cyber security with ServiceNow

Managing cyber security risk remains an uphill battle. We realize that threats keep growing in numbers as well as sophistication, and most cyber security departments are already overloaded.

We specifically see 3 challenges:

  1. Increasing compliance requirements and external threats.
  2. Shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.
  3. An opaque and ever-changing IT infrastructure.

In this webinar, we are focusing on the issues that drain your cyber security team and provide examples of how you can use ServiceNow to work smarter and automate your cyber security.

Moreover, we will go through some actual cases and show you how to design your process flow and integrate technology and data – enabling you to deliver smart compliance reports.

We welcome all Security professionals (CSO, CISO, SecOps), Compliance and IT professionals. Learn how to automate your cyber security with Devoteam!

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