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Bigger. Better. Service Operations

Have you ever considered connecting your ITSM and ITOM modules? What if you could? Imagine leveraging everything you appreciate about IT Service Management to enhance the efficiency of your IT Operations. Introducing ServiceNow Service Operations Workspace – an opportunity to elevate the visibility and quality of your IT systems to new heights.

Let’s begin
The best darn Service Operations you can get
The best darn Service Operations you can get

Let’s start from the beginning – what is Service Operations Workspace?

It is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates the best of IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) modules. It offers a unified environment, streamlining collaboration and communication between IT teams, ultimately enhancing the overall visibility, efficiency, and quality of IT systems. Service Operations Workspace serves as a central hub for managing and optimising various aspects of IT operations within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

ServiceNow square logo It provides a single pane of glass for both Service Agents and Operators enabling seamless flow of incidents, problems, changes, and alerts to predict and resolve service degradations. Teams are able to improve service availability and reliability with instant problem identification, collaboration, and resolution.

So, where are you with your ServiceNow platform? Are you already using ITSM or ITOM modules?

I have IT Service Management

Okay, so you know the power of ServiceNow ITSM module. Maybe you even thought about the value it would bring to the other aspects of your organisation. Well, with the Service Operations Workspace, you can utilise it for managing your IT Operations with more clarity and visibility.

I have IT Operations Management

We realise that the world of IT Operations is not easy. That is why we want to show you how to make it better by adding what’s best from ITSM. All combined in a single place – Service Operations Workspace. 

The real value Why ServiceNow Service Operations Workspace?

Enhanced service delivery

Service Operations establishes streamlined workflows, fostering quicker response times, and more effective solutions, ultimately translating to better service delivery both internally and to end customers

Optimised resource utilisation

By orchestrating processes and resources effectively, Service Operations minimises wastage and maximises the use of available resources, thereby improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Increased organisational resilience

An effective Service Operations framework fortifies organisations against disruptions by enabling rapid identification and resolution of issues, ensuring continuity in service provision.

Improved customer experience

Through standardised and efficient service processes, Service Operations enhances the overall customer experience, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Still not convinced? Check our customer’s story!

Success story: CPH Airports x ServiceNow

As one of the busiest airports in Scandinavia, CPH Airport employs approximately 20,000 people and more than 60,000 passengers pass through the 3 terminals each day. The airport struggled with a multitude of different data sources and homemade integrations so they decided to create a foundation for optimising the entire IT infrastructure including on-premise and cloud services with ServiceNow Discovery.

Sounds good but where to start? Check our on-demand webinars to get even more info about ServiceNow Service Operations!

Webinar on demand

The business case for Service Operations: Maximising efficiency and ROI

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Webinar on demand

The essentials of Service Operations: How and why you should build one

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Are you more a Reader than a Listener? Check out our eBook on Mastering Service Operations

It’s a comprehensive guide to implementation of ServiceNow Service Operations Workspace and its benefits for organisations.

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Who are we? 2024 ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year

Devoteam has supported more than 1,000 clients on their workflow implementation journey. Here’s how you can benefit from our technical expertise, agile approach and creative vision.

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Your award-winning partner

With more than 25 years of service management expertise, we’ll streamline your strategic evolution in innovative and exciting ways.

And you’ll always receive the best bespoke solutions from our team of hundreds of experts across 15 countries – we’ve supported thousands of clients across EMEA and beyond.

With a firm focus on customer-centric design, our management consultants always work in synergy with our delivery experts to drive holistic transformation – so every element of your enterprise is aimed towards excellence.

Your full ServiceNow platform coverage and expertise is backed by the collective brainpower of our International Centres of Excellence (ICE) in Toulouse and Prague – as well as our status as ServiceNow EMEA Elite Consulting and Implementation Partner of the Year 2024, EMEA Customer Workflow Partner of the Year, ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year 2023 and Global IT Workflow Partner of the Year 2021.

With an award-winning partner by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

ServiceNow 2023 EMEA Elite Partner of the Year badge Devoteam
Devoteam is a Global ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a EMEA ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021

Would you like to know more about the ServiceNow Service Operations?

We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the implementation.

We realize that every company is different and has different expectations, resources and needs. That’s why at Devoteam N Platform, you will get a consultation designed specifically for your needs. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding and advising you on your digital journey, to make sure you succeed long-term.

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Michael Olsen

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