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January 19, 2022 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

New Year’s Shower: Workflow Predictions 2022

Online event

Workflow Predictions 2022

We’re kicking off 2022 in style!

A new year awaits – and we are ‘workflowing’ like never before! But what will be groundbreaking when it comes to workflows in 2022, and how do you get your business and organization involved?

Join us on Wednesday, 19th January at 1:00 PM CET for an hour full of inspiration. We will give an overview of the workflow ecosystem in 2022, and give you inspiration for the coming year of digitalization!

We have lined up 6 experts in a panel – each of them will predict the coming year within…

  • IT workflows – meet expert Michael Skov from Denmark
  • Enterprise Service Management workflows – meet expert Andrea Kis from the UK
  • Employee workflows – meet expert Anne Granet from France
  • Customer workflows – meet expert Petr Smejkal from the Czech Republic
  • Creator workflows – meet expert Kelly Happi from France
  • GRC workflows – meet expert Jan Rendl from the Czech Republic

To control the course of the battle, we have our SVP Jens Rüster as a moderator. 

We look forward to a dynamic session – you can expect no slides, just us and 6 exciting and thought-provoking predictions. 

Take part with us, we welcome any sharp questions that pop up during the session from you.  

Happy New Year! 

Curious about predictions for 2023? Join our webinar on January 11th and find out!


Anne Granet, Devoteam
Anne Granet

Presales Manager & Employee Workflow Lead EMEA

Devoteam France

Kelly Happi, Devoteam France
Kelly Happi

Skill Center Manager

Devoteam France

Andrea Kis, Devoteam
Andrea Kis

Principal Consultant

Devoteam UK

Jan Rendl, Devoteam
Jan Rendl

Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence Business Lead

Devoteam Alps & ICE

Michael Skov, Devoteam
Michael Skov

Lead Consultant

Devoteam Denmark

Petr Smejkal, Devoteam
Petr Smejkal

CSM Centre of Excellence Tech Lead, Devoteam ALPS & ICE

Petr is an EMEA expert lead for Customer Workflows at Devoteam. He has a wide experience with different ServiceNow products, but Customer Service Management is his specialty. Petr led small, medium and huge implementations as an architect and he always tries to find the most effective, yet simple solution, specifically designed to the client's needs.

Jens Rüster, Devoteam N Platform
Jens Rüster

Senior Vice President

Devoteam N Platform

January 19, 2022 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

New Year’s Shower: Workflow Predictions 2022