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2022 Workflow Predictions – how are we doing?

2022 Workflow Predictions - how are we doing?

We are halfway through the year, so what better time than to make a halfway measurement of our bold 2022 Workflow Predictions that we’ve published in January. Are we on track? 

Back in January, 6 Devoteam N Platform experts gave an overview of the workflow ecosystem in 2022 and the inspiration for the coming year of digitalization!

All of them predicted the coming year of workflow for their respective domain. Let’s take a look back at their predictions…

  • ITx Workflows – meet expert Michael Skov from Denmark
  • Enterprise Service Management Workflows – meet expert Andrea Kis from the UK

Part 1

Part 2

  • Employee Workflows – meet expert Anne Granet from France
  • Customer Workflows – meet expert Petr Smejkal from the Czech Republic
  • Creator Workflows – meet expert Kelly Happi from France
  • SecOps & GRC Workflows – Jan Rendl from the Czech Republic

Still 6 months to go…

Curious about predictions for 2023? Join our webinar on January 11th and find out!