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25 Autumn’s New Arrivals to Devoteam N Platform

We’re delighted to introduce the newest members joining our ServiceNow teams across EMEA and Mexico this October. We look forward to seeing what their new ideas and energy will bring to the table. A warm welcome to each and every one of you!

Welcome Everyone!

From ALPS:

Pavla Humpolcová

From Denmark:

Thomas Jensen

From France:

Alpha Bangoura

Jurgen Hebovi

Matthieu Renard

Frédéric Flaceliere

Fatima Samran

Ghislain Girard

Omaima Raddi

Anne Barbin

Léopold Bartholomé

Naïka Largent

Safae El Haloui

Tefanig Le Maux

Alexandre Mosconi

From Germany:

Lisa Greco

Sebastian Greger

Shalini Jagadish

From Mexico:

Francisco Dammian Jurado

Leonilo Rubio

Remigio Moreno

From the Middle East:

Ibrahim Atiyeh

Razan Mohsen

Faris Alqwasmi

Baha Ayaad


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