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March winds of change bring 20 new talents to Devoteam N Platform!

As March bridges winter to spring, Devoteam N Platform is welcoming 20 fantastic new talents to our EMEA teams!

Like the budding flowers of spring, these newcomers bring a breath of fresh air, infusing our teams with renewed energy, innovation, and growth.

A very warm welcome to every one of you!

From ALPS:

  • Marek Trojak
  • Lukáš Lešňovský
  • Maksym Inde
  • Khaleel Almani

From Belgium:

  • Koen Gryson
  • Arnold Haubursin

From Denmark:

  • Lisa Smeke
  • Jens Lage
  • Pontus Løth

From France:

  • Gwendoline Phoebe
  • Med Achraf Chebil
  • Lea Chevallaz-Perrier
  • Lylia Hamidi

From Germany:

  • Thomas Schiessl
  • Meili Wyss
  • Florian Vogel
  • Sunil Raikwar

From the Middle East:

  • Hanin Omran
  • Abdalah Toughj
  • Hazim Khasawneh

Are you also thinking about making a change in your life and finding a new adventure? Check out our current openings here and join Devoteam N Platform!