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November winds bring us 18 new talents

November winds bring us 18 new talents

Leaves may fall, but spirits rise at Devoteam N Platform. This month we welcomed 18 newcomers to our ServiceNow teams across EMEA. We look forward to seeing what their new ideas and energy will bring to the table. A warm welcome to All!

From ALPS:
Meqdad Al-Khazendar
Jakub Kunčar

From Belgium:
Simon Bijnens

From France:
Remi Sarr
Chaimae Mesraf
Huachen Zhang
Mohamed Amine Bouajaj
Ons Dridi
Salavudeen Hadji
Nora ait Addi
Amira Adassen

From Germany:
Jana Reinicke
Gerhard Badke

From the Middle East:
Abdelmohsen Alshomer
Razan Aws
Faris Qawasmi
Ibrahim Attiyeh

From the UK:
Claire Tilley

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