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Bachem discovers the power of low-code with Devoteam

Bachem discovers the power of low-code with Devoteam

The snapshot


Bachem looks to automate two areas of their operations


Devoteam leverages the power of the AppEngine


Innovative low-code apps are implemented in only two weeks

The challenge

Bachem is a Swiss industry leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides. With over 50 years of experience and expertise, Bachem provides products for research, clinical development and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of services.

As a company driven by innovation, they desired to enter a new stage of automation. Seeking to digitise two aspects of their day-to-day operations, the client was looking for the right partner, which could deliver the maximum business value in only two weeks’ time.

The solution

Devoteam was there to answer the challenge. In order to showcase the power of the ServiceNow App Engine platform, our team took Bachem’s vision and used the framework of the impactful low-code tool to deliver the prototypes of two simple-to-use applications.

Core System Extension App

The first, utilised to track orders and manage their lifecycle, is based on an integration with a third-party system and provides a simple-to-use interface. Aside from the clear overview it provides to its users, its main features include a process flow with configured actions based on user interactions, tailored reports in PDF or Excel and automated notifications.

Customer-facing App

The goal of the second application prototype is to simplify the form collection process with the use of a customised question wizard, which generates a one-page, electronically-signed document.  It features a process flow managing stages of the form creation and form fill out, system generated signature based on user action, native PDF export capability and multiple UI rules, managing form based on selected use. Additionally, required stakeholders can receive automated notifications.

The Better Change

Implementation of two applications from two prototype use-cases in only two weeks

Prototypes are tailored to Bachem’s project requirements

Support of Bachem’s low-code journey by demonstrating App Engine’s low-code capabilities


Would you like to learn more about ServiceNow App Engine and its capabilities? Join us on March 28th or May 25th and discover how to build a low-code app in just 1 hour!

How to build an app in 1 hour
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How to build an app in 1 hour

Learn how to build an app with ServiceNow App Engine in just 1 hour with our Devoteam N Platform expert.