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Ministry of HRSD reaps the benefits of efficient service management

Saudi Government reaps the benefits of efficient service management

The snapshot


Consolidation of the two outdated legacy systems into a single ITSM system


Empowering 23,000 employees with a portal directory and self-service capabilities of the platform


Digitalisation and automation of +300 services, giving complete visibility of progress and an accelerated processing time

The challenge

When the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) was formed through the amalgamation of three other ministries – the Ministries of Labour, Social Development, and Civil Services – the legacy was a confusing mix of service management solutions and technologies. Multiple systems, lack of platforms’ dictionaries, and the need of automating business services became a major challenge, on both employee’s side and the vendor’s side. The solution was clear – two main ITSM systems had to be consolidated into a single platform, accessible to all employees and customers.

The solution

Instead of using one of the existing systems and amalgamating them, Devoteam has suggested to the Ministry to use a new system, ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), that would give the organisation better service in terms of customer experience and agility, and finances. The project has been delivered within 6 months since the beginning. Apart from consolidating the systems into one single platform, there was also a visible improvement when it comes to IT workflows for incident, problem, change, request and knowledge management. The portal has been also capitalized by adding functionalities to serve as a one-stop shop for employees.

Localizing the chatbot to support the Arabic language, and customizing topics to support employees in creating requests/incidents, events, promotions, platforms, etc. had a huge impact on employee experience throughout the organisation. Working became easier and more clear thanks to the number of new advancements also for the management teams. Thanks to the available reports and dashboards, they now have a proper insight into the performance and improved visibility.

The better change

Two main ITSM systems consolidated into a single platform supporting all of the 23 000 employees

Complete visibility through dashboards and reports enabling creation of SLAs to improve productivity

Convenient single sign-in that provides access to comprehensive service catalog and direct service links to other sites

Mohammad Dahleh, Devoteam

They had intended to use one or other of their existing systems or amalgamate them, but we told them we had a new system, ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), that would give them better service in terms of customer experience and agility, and also financially.

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