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Success with ServiceNow: How Devoteam helped GlobalConnect work as one company

Success with ServiceNow: How Devoteam helped GlobalConnect work as one company

The snapshot


The implementation of ServiceNow has helped GlobalConnect view themselves more as one company than before


By working in ServiceNow, GlobalConnect has prioritised customer focus within their departments resulting in a significant enhancement in their SLA and NPS.


Devoteam has developed a scalable solution for GlobalConnect, facilitating the incorporation of new countries, including Germany and Finland.

The challenge

GlobalConnect, established in 1997, is a European internet provider serving both business-to-business and consumer markets across the Nordic region. They also offer services to telecommunications carriers.

During its recent mergers, GlobalConnect faced challenges aligning their way of working and incorporating Norway, Denmark, and Sweden into one platform as they had different setups in each country. The company is quite complex, with different types of customers and configuration items, requiring a high level of automation. 

Devoteam’s task was to understand GlobalConnect’s needs, work methods, and processes in their current systems and translate them into ServiceNow language.

The solution

GlobalConnect collaborated with Devoteam to implement ServiceNow, creating a unified platform for their operations in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Throughout the project, Devoteam provided their expertise and skills on the system, challenging GlobalConnect’s decisions. Devoteam consultants also guided GlobalConnect to work efficiently with the system, resulting in GlobalConnect fully leveraging the potential of ServiceNow.

The result is a scalable solution enabling GlobalConnect to onboard Germany and Finland as part of the platform, operating seamlessly within ServiceNow across all five countries.

The better change

Improved unity and cohesion among GlobalConnect’s different countries and departments.

Increased customer focus within the departments resulting in a 50% increase in SLA and a several-percent increase in their NPS.

A scalable solution making it easy to onboard new countries onto the platform.

One of the biggest benefits we received from implementing ServiceNow is that we see ourselves more as one company than we did before. Besides, one of the biggest benefits we received from working in ServiceNow is that we have a much bigger customer focus within the departments.

Thomas Jørgensen, Global Connect

What we saw as a reward for choosing Devoteam was that they came with great knowledge of the system. They had serious competencies as far as ServiceNow goes, and they also challenged our decisions.