ServiceNow ITSM Pro: Predictive Intelligence

ServiceNow ITSM Pro: Predictive Intelligence

Business leaders everywhere recognize the potential of machine learning to accelerate and drive digital transformation, but questions about the practical applications of these technologies and how to actually get started can bring great intentions to a standstill. However, machine learning offers organisations an opportunity to work smarter and faster in everyday ways by simply empowering the teams they already have.

It’s about time you fuel your workflows with Machine Learning! Join us for just 30 minutes we will show you how to: 

  1. Optimise resources, reduce costs
  2. Increase fulfiller/requester productivity
  3. Improve overall business efficiency
  4. Develop and deploy quickly
  5. Improve service and customer satisfaction 

ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence is a powerful — yet approachable and attainable — set of machine learning capabilities that effectively integrates with your ServiceNow workflows to enhance business efficiency and improve service.

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