Big Quit – great resignation or great shortage?

Every company is transforming itself to adapt to an increasingly digital environment, with an employee-centric approach. This transformation is essential to remain competitive and to continue to attract and retain talent. Human Resources has a key role to play in supporting and leading the transformation of the business and the development of employee engagement and retention.

In this whitepaper, developed by Devoteam N Platform and ServiceNow, you’ll discover how the HR services platform from ServiceNow is a transformation accelerator through its ability to:

  • Streamline and simplify requests from employees, who do not have to carry the complexity of the organisation
  • Automate support tasks for better operational efficiency of HR support, which can then focus on talent and career management
  • Enhance employer brand by providing a customer-like employee journey
  • Integrate with an existing HRSD without redundancy
  • Utilise modern business communication channels (chat teams, unified portal, mobile application)