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Impressive all-time high growth for Devoteam’s ServiceNow business

2021 has been an impressive year for Devoteam’s ServiceNow business named ‘Devoteam N Platform’. The team has added a total of 185 new talents to the pool across all our entities during 2021.

‘’Our culture is absolutely key to our success and I have no doubt that our strong team spirit has fuelled this amazing growth’’, says SVP, Jens Rüster. 

Regardless of gender, age or experience, we strive to make all talents aware of how attractive it is to be part of this community. We are particularly happy to see more women among this year’s hires as well as a more diverse pool of talents.

Impressive all-time high growth for Devoteam’s ServiceNow business

I started in Devoteam Technology Consulting in Denmark August 2021, where I have kick-started my career as an IT consultant. When glancing through the office, it is quickly apparent that the majority of my direct colleagues are male, which is the general tendency in the IT industry. One might contemplate over the assumption on whether there could be prejudices about women in the industry, however, this has definitely not been the case in Devoteam. In general, all colleagues have been embracing and nothing but highly professional. The culture in Devoteam promotes the best in all of us, and I only see great opportunities to advance my career within the company. It is a pleasure to be part of the team and I am very excited for my future in the company

2022 will be nothing less. Why not join? We currently have 133 open positions across all our ServiceNow entities. Read more here.