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Chapter 7

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a cornerstone of fostering organisational growth and success. Nurturing a pipeline of capable leaders ensures the continuity of effective management and innovation within an organisation.

In this section, we’ll delve into the significance of leadership development, strategies for identifying and nurturing potential leaders, and how ServiceNow plays a pivotal role in this critical aspect of employee growth.

Nurturing future leaders

Effective leadership development goes beyond grooming individuals for higher positions. It’s about creating a culture of leadership that permeates every level of the organisation:

Figure 3. Steps involved in nurturing future leaders
  • Identification: Identify individuals with leadership potential based on skills, aptitude, and demonstrated commitment.
  • Mentoring: Pair potential leaders with experienced mentors to provide guidance and insight.
  • Cross-functional exposure: Offer opportunities for aspiring leaders to work across different departments and roles.

Leadership development programs with ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s capabilities can greatly facilitate the design and execution of leadership development programs:

  • Data-driven insights: Analyse performance and competency data to identify potential leaders and tailor development plans.
  • Learning paths: Create learning paths that focus on leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking.
  • Mentorship integration: Use ServiceNow to match mentors and mentees, ensuring a structured and effective mentorship experience.

Fostering a leadership mindset

Promoting leadership development is also about instilling a leadership mindset among employees:

  • Empowerment: Encourage employees at all levels to take initiative and make informed decisions.
  • Collaborative leadership: Promote the idea that leadership is not tied to a title but is a collaborative effort to drive success.
  • Continuous learning: Provide ongoing learning opportunities to keep leadership skills sharp and adaptable.

By embracing leadership development and harnessing the capabilities of ServiceNow, organisations can create a culture that values leadership at all levels. Developing future leaders ensures a steady stream of capable individuals ready to guide the organisation through change, innovation, and growth.

In the next section, we’ll delve into the critical aspect of career pathing and progression and how ServiceNow supports employees’ journey towards achieving their professional goals.