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Get the Pro effect with ServiceNow ITSM Pro

Have you ever wondered how to make even better use of your ServiceNow ITSM solution? Is there something you’re missing out? Make sure you reach the full potential of the platform and learn more about ServiceNow ITSM Pro capabilities from the experts.

Let’s begin

Let’s start from the beginning – what is ServiceNow ITSM Pro?

With increased automation and the delivery of intelligent, responsive IT services, IT Service Management Professional builds on the strength of ITSM Standard. With structured machine learning that automates repetitive operations and offers real-time visibility into your teams and processes for enhanced efficiency and cost savings, it increases your IT productivity by over 20%. AI-powered chatbots with built-in machine learning can also improve the employee experience.

ServiceNow square logo ServiceNow ITSM Pro builds on ServiceNow’s market-leading ITSM solution with powerful automation capabilities that turbocharge your digital transformation. With ServiceNow ITSM and the Now Platform as your foundation, you stop wasting your money and automate technology workflows on our single cloud platform, harnessing shared data and analytics.

So, where are you with your ServiceNow ITSM solution? Are you a current Standard or Pro evangelist?

I have a Standard ITSM package

Is your solution enough? Do you think you might be missing out? Learn about the perks of ITSM Pro and what it can do for your organisation with us. We will guide you through the best features and show you how to make the best out of your investment.

I have an ITSM Pro package

Ok, so you have ITSM Pro, but are you sure you are using all the features available in the solution? Make sure you use what you pay for and learn more about the best ITSM Pro features with us. Reach the full potential of the Now Platform.

Either way, we will show you what’s right in front of you and how to make the best out of it.

Did you know about those?

ServiceNow ITSM Pro features

Make sure you utilitise your ITSM solution to its fullest capabilities

ITSM Pro DevOps


Improve collaboration between ops and dev teams and deliver innovation at speed needed for your organisation’s success.

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ITSM Pro Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Get an overview of your organisational performance and allocate your resources better based on the accurate data visualisations.

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ITSM Pro Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent

Solve the issues faster and more efficiently with an automated, conversational chatbot that understands natural human language.

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ITSM Pro Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

Analyse your past with a built-in machine learning to get the best idea of what how to solve the issues in the most efficient way.

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ITSM Pro Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement

Maximize performance and efficiency of your people and processes by streamlining work across all departments and identifying bottlenecks in your organisation.

ITSM Pro Vendor Manager Workspace

Vendor Manager Workspace

Analyse and optimize vendor performance with accurate data and increase value for your organisation.

ITSM Pro Dynamic translation

Dynamic Translation

Deliver the best services and scale your business by removing the language barriers  and translating text in real-time.

We’ve asked our Consultants what is their favourite ITSM Pro feature. See their picks!

I would say DevOps because most organisations are increasing their focus on DevOps and supporting this process within ServiceNow is extremely interesting.

Learn more about DevOps

Michael Skov

Lead Consultant

Michael Skov, Devoteam

We’ve asked our Consultants what is their favourite ITSM Pro feature. See their picks!

My favorite feature is definitely Performance Analytics. It provides real-time insights and data visualization capabilities that can help organizations to identify and address issues more quickly. It also allows organizations to gain greater visibility and control over their processes and services.

Learn more about Performance Analytics

Kateřina Frabšová

Senior Consultant

Kateřina Frabšová, Devoteam

We’ve asked our Consultants what is their favourite ITSM Pro feature. See their picks!

My favourite would be Dynamic Translation, because it extends our possibilities for collaboration across the globe.

Kamil Teřl

Senior Consultant

Kamil Terl, Devoteam

To know more about the specific features, watch these on-demand webinars!

Would you like to see a real example of the ServiceNow ITSM Pro power?
Check our customers’ stories!

Asahi unlocks the power of ServiceNow ITSM Pro

Asahi Europe & International

As one of the largest players in the European food & drink industry, Asahi Europe & International needed to shift their ITSM capabilities to a higher gear. The client acquired a ServiceNow ITSM Pro license with the short-term strategy of implementation and admin training, and a long-term goal consisting of broadening the scope of the solution with continuous innovation.

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Who are we? 2023 ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year

Devoteam has supported more than 1,000 clients on their workflow implementation journey. Here’s how you can benefit from our technical expertise, agile approach and creative vision.

15 countries served
+1000 customers
+750 tech experts
+240 advisory consultants

Your award-winning partner

With 25 years of service management expertise, we’ll streamline your strategic evolution in innovative and exciting ways.

And you’ll always receive the best bespoke solutions from our team of hundreds of experts across 15 countries – we’ve supported thousands of clients across EMEA and beyond.

With a firm focus on customer-centric design, our management consultants always work in synergy with our delivery experts to drive holistic transformation – so every element of your enterprise is aimed towards excellence.

Your full ServiceNow platform coverage and expertise is backed by the collective brainpower of our International Centres of Excellence (ICE) in Toulouse and Prague – as well as our status as ServiceNow Elite Partner and Global IT Workflow Partner of the Year 2021. With an award-winning partner by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Devoteam as the Elite Partner of ServiceNow
Devoteam Badge as an Authorized Training Partner with ServiceNow
ServiceNow 2023 EMEA Elite Partner of the Year badge Devoteam
Devoteam is a Global ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a EMEA ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2021
Devoteam is a Regional ServiceNow Partner Award Winner in 2020

Would you like to know more about the ServiceNow ITSM Pro?

We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the implementation.

We realize that every company is different and has different expectations, resources and needs. That’s why at Devoteam N Platform, you will get a consultation designed specifically for your needs. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding and advising you on your digital journey, to make sure you succeed long-term.

Ask Michael
Michael Olsen, Devoteam

Michael Olsen

Lead Technology Workflows @Devoteam